Stag® and Steam Seal®

Stag® B Jointing Paste

Stag B paste is easy break, smooth consistency, lead-free jointing compound. Stag B is of thick consistency for use on surfaces made uneven by corrosion or those bearing heavy tool marks, etc. It may be used on screw-threaded joints. It is recommended for use on fittings with a diameter of 13 – 38mm. For fittings larger than 38 mm or highly coarse, it is strongly advisable to incorporate hemp (or fiber) reinforcement, suitably wetted with Stag B into the threads.

Stag B jointing paste is ideal for use on all types of flanges or screw threaded joints and have been formulated to meet the most requirements of the Steam Turbo-Generator based Power Plants, Automotive, Marine, Electrical, Plumbing and General Engineering Industries. It is suitable for use on pipe-work carrying water, brine, steam, gas fuel oil, diesel oil, petrol or compressed air.

Steam Seal® B Jointing Paste

Excellent Pipe, Flange and Thread Sealant for Steam Pipes and Joints. Steam-Seal B is semi-setting type of compound withstanding 650°C and very high pressures. Resistant to water, steam, super-heated steam in water steam circuit power plant turbines and steam piping. Resistant to various petroleum products produced in petro-chemical complex. The semi-setting nature of the product ensures easy dismantling.