High Voltage Insulator & Reactor Coating

Reduce maintenance costs. Increase reliability. Enhance your utility reputation with dependable, cost-effective high-voltage distribution systems.

Insulator contamination, from salt spray, industrial pollutants, and even desert sand, can lead to costly power interruptions due to arcing and flashover and lead to frequent maintenance issues.

With proven High voltage insulator coatings from Dow, your high-voltage infrastructure can benefit from:

  • Superior arcing and flashover protection
  • Reduced leakage currents ensured by long-term hydrophobicity
  • Extended maintenance intervals for ceramic, porcelain, or glass insulators
  • Lower maintenance and replacement costs
  • Minimized equipment problems and failures

Enhance your reputation for reliable, high-voltage systems with solutions from Dow that save you time and money. Build the efficient transmission and distribution systems needed to meet growing global demands for electrical power.