Belzona® Industrial Protective Coatings and Engineering Composites

Established in 1952, Belzona® is a global leader in the innovation of repair compounds and industrial coatings.

Belzona® provides solutions to a variety of industries including power generation, petrochemical, water/wastewater, marine, and oil and gas. When equipment and structures in any industry experience routine or unexpected maintenance, Belzona® understands the determining factors for selecting a solution – how it will affect labor time, materials, and above all downtime.

Belzona® solutions offer simple, safe, and effective means to assist with these concerns by providing features seldom found elsewhere:
1. In situ repairs which drastically reduce time for removal of parts
2. Cold cure that do not pose the dangers of hot work
3. Ease in application allowing for in-house repairs

As a leader in industrial protective coatings and repair composites, Belzona® has a proven track record for providing long-term solutions to a variety of maintenance problems in countless areas.

The choice to refurbish and protection avoids the need for replacement, reducing repair and maintenance costs, and above all, downtime.

To discover Belzona’s products, the industries we serve or specific details on our application areas, contact us.