OXY-THERM® 300 Series Natural Gas Burners

OXY-THERM® 300 Series Natural Gas Burners offer capacities up to 300,000 Btu/hr (88 kW) with choice of two block shapes and provide clean combustion with low NOx levels. OXY-THERM® 300 Series Industrial Burners use oxygen for the combustion reaction, removing atmospheric nitrogen as a source for NOx creation. OXY-THERM® burns any gaseous fuel, including fuels that may be unstable using air for combustion

ThermAir burners are ideal on heaters, textile ovens and in situations where the fuel is highly variable (800 Btu/cf to 3200 Btu/cf). Plus they’re perfect for ovens needing additional air to carry moisture away from the product being heated.

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