Molykote® Anti-Friction Coatings and Powders

Molykote® Anti-Friction Coatings (AFC) are bonded, dry-film lubricants that provides superior lubrication in harsh operating conditions and environment extremes. They are economical to apply, long-lasting and valued in use where other lubricants fail.

Molykote® Anti-Friction Coatings (AFC) are paint-like products. They contain, instead of a coloring pigment submicron sized particles of solid lubricants dispersed through carefully selected resin blends and solvents. Important for the lubricating and corrosion protection properties are the choice of the right raw materials and the volume concentration of the lubricant content. In addition to greases and oils, or where possible, as replacement of those hydrodynamic lubricants, Molykote® AFC from a lubricating film, which helps cover surface roughness and thus protects against surface to surface friction (e.g. metal to metal, plastic to metal plastic to plastic) even under extreme loads.

AFC Constituents

  • Solid lubricants like MoS2, graphite and PTFE (upto 30%)
  • Resins (upto 12%) like epoxy polyamide, phenol, acrylic and titanate
  • Additives (upto 3%)
  • Solvents (upto 55%)

AFC Coating Application

  • Pretreatment – Degreasing, sand blasting or acid washing
  • Additional surface treatment – Anodizing, phosphating or galvanizing
  • AFC application – Spraying, brushing, dipping or dip-spinning
  • Curing – Air or heat curing depending upon the resin system


  • Low speed and high load application (boundary regime lubrication)
  • Applications where oscillatory motion and vibration cause fretting corrosion
  • Reduce wear during startup and running in
  • Replacement for heavy metal coatings for prolong asset life
  • Replacement for environmentally hazardous coatings
  • Sliding friction and wear mechanisms – cams, slides, ways and springs
  • Secondary lubricant to support a primary oil and grease lubricant


  • Dry film lubrication which will not attract dust and dirt
  • Lifetime lubrication as AFCs are not susceptible to aging and evaporation
  • Permanent lubrication at high temperature in applications where oil and grease cannot be used
  • Outstanding lubrication, coupled with corrosion protection properties
  • Fully effective after prolonged shutdown
  • High load-carrying capacity
  • Protection on metals and plastics
  • High wear resistance