High Temp Burners

MAXON’s High Temperature Industrial Burners provide industry best durability and performance for a wide variety of applications and industries. MAXON burners are available as natural gas burners, oil burners, combination burners, low NOx burners and other varieties. When the burner says “MAXON” you can count on years of dedicated service and an application that works.

In countless examples, MAXON industrial burners produce efficiency gains to help reduce fuel bills for your critical industrial heating processes. In addition, we focus our technology on reducing emissions to ensure compliance with even the toughest environmental regulations. For your furnace, kiln, oxidizer, or other industrial heating need, a MAXON combustion engineer stands ready to make your job one thing… easy.



KINEMAX® Medium Velocity

MULTIFIRE® High Temp Natural Gas Burner

OXY-THERM® 300 Series Natural Gas High Temp

OXY-THERM® LE Gas Natural Gas High Temp Burners

OXY-THERM® LEFF Flat Flame Natural Gas High Temp Burners

RAMFIRE® High Velocity