DC 1030

 Easy to Configure Different configuration levels provide easy access to parameters.
 Various Control Algorithm Several different algorithms are available as follows:
– PID or ON/OFF Control
– Heat/Cool Control with 2 PID sets
– Motor Position Control (without slidewire feedback)
 Auto-Tuning Capability Advanced auto-tuning function calculates the optimized PID values for your specific control system.
 Dual Display and Bar graph Two large 4 digits display PV, SP and configuration parameters. One 10 LED bar-graph displays the control output (MV), and up to 8 LEDs display the status of the different outputs (Control, Alarm, …) and also provide indication of the Auto/Manual and programmer states.
 Setpoint Programming Two programs are available with a maximum of 8 segments. The 2 programs can be linked together and perform as a single 16 segment program.
 Extended Alarm Capability Up to three different alarm outputs are available per instrument and 17 kinds of event modes can be assigned to each of alarm output.
 Communications RS232 or RS485 (with ASC II & Modbus RTU Protocol) is optionally available with a maximum communication speed of 38400 bps.
 IP65 Front Face Protection IP65 rated front face permits use in applications where it may be subjected to moisture, dust conditions.
 Remote Setpoint Capability The setpoint can be defined from a remote PLC or other controller.
 Manual & Automatic Modes The control mode can be switched between Automatic and manual by clicking A/M key. (The A/M key is available with DC1020, DC1030 and DC1040)
 Global Approvals – CE & cUL All models are CE certified as a standard, and UL approved version for all models are available optionally.
 Parameter Lock A 4-digit security code prevents any unauthorized changes of parameters or configurations. Parameters can be hidden to user to prevent any mis-configuration of the unit.

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