Anti-corrosion Aerosol Sprays

CRC Zinc Primer

Multi-purpose zinc phosphate primer. A zinc phosphate based, fast drying protective primer for metal surfaces. Formulated with modified alkyd resins, zinc phosphate and other anti-corrosion pigments. Zinc Primer fights rust and gives longer lasting interior and exterior corrosion resistance to topcoats.


CRC Alu Hi Temp

Protective coating with aluminium look. Resists high temperatures. Paint that resists high peak temperatures up to 600°C. Provides a hard and durable surface, which does not burn, crack or scale down, even at high temperatures. Withstands large fluctuations in temperature. Excellent weather resistance.


CRC Blue Mould Protect

Highly visible transparent blue colored corrosion inhibitor for protection of the mould tools and equipment during a short period of inactivity. No need for cleaning as the product moulds off during the first production cycles.

CRC Clear Mould Protect

Short term clear corrosion inhibitor for mould tools. Non silicone corrosion protection for moulding tools. NSF registered for use in food packaging industry.


CRC Galva Brite

Protective, final coating with a shiny aluminum aspect. A single component Zinc-Aluminum coating. Protects against corrosion and forms a glossy aluminum look on the coated surface. Good adhesion to metal surfaces. Results in a unique combination of flexibility and hardness.


CRC Inox 200

Anti-corrosion coating for stainless steel surfaces. Coating with good anti-corrosion properties and a nice look, identical to stainless steel (inox). The coating is fast drying, resistant to high temperatures and has excellent adhesion properties. Ideal touch-up paint : to be used after welding or when mounting a stainless steel construction. Will cover and protect discolored welding seams.


CRC SP 350

Long-term corrosion inhibitor. Indoor protection up to 2 years. Outdoor protection when covered, up to 1 year. Highly viscous protective oil. Forms a thin penetrating protective film, which does not dry. Protects against moisture and corrosive vapors. Displaces moisture and does not drip off. Covers both smooth surfaces and sharp edges. Provides a relatively long corrosion protection. Do not store the protected parts in outdoor and uncovered conditions.


CRC SP 400

Long-term outdoor, corrosion inhibitor. Outdoor protection up to 2 years. Waxy corrosion protector. Provides an effective corrosion protection in outdoor conditions, for a long period. The waxy protective film does not become brittle and protects against heavy corrosive circumstances as moisture and salt water.


CRC Urethane Isolation RED

Red colored protective, urethane based varnish for electronic components. Red colored one-component, urethane type coating. Urethane coating seals out water and moisture and acts as a barrier for contaminants. The coating dries fast and adheres well to most surfaces. After curing, the protective film has a high flexibility, is durable and resists abrasion and contamination.


Plastik 70

The universal conformal coating for printed circuit boards. A fast drying, transparent, acrylic coating, with good dielectric properties. It shields printed circuit boards or other parts from corrosive (atmospheric) influences. This film protects printed circuit boards from leakage currents and short circuits.