Legacy Honeywell

Legacy Honeywell
Honeywell Flame Detectors and Flame Switch Units C7027/35
Model C7027/35 is a compact flame detector used with flame safeguard controls with compatible Ultraviolet flame amplifier.
Honeywell Flame Detectors and Flame Switch Units R4343
Model R4343 performs flame detection function only.
Honeywell 7800 Series Burner Control System EC/RM7800
The 7800 series burner control comprises a relay module, wiring subbase, purge timer and amplifier. Available option let you customize your 7800 series installation to perform intelligent control to meet your specific needs.
Honeywell Safety Shutoff Gas Valves VE400AA
AC solenoid gas valve, normally closed, Class “A” AC powered, Safety Shutoff Solenoid Gas Valve with threaded Connections.
Honeywell Gas Air Pressure Switches C6097
These are safety devices used in positive pressure or differential pressure systems to sense gas or air pressure system.
Honeywell Gas Pressure Filters & Regulators HUF/HUP/HUPF
Separate filters & regulators available.(HUF & HUP).
Available as Combined gas filter regulator also.(HUPF).
Honeywell Pressuretrol Controllers L91
Provide modulating pressure operating control for regulation of liquid or air and other non corrosive gases.
Honeywell Modutrol Motor
Modutrol IV Motors replace all present generation Modutrol motors and set new, certifiable standard for industry.
Honeywell Spark Ignition Module S87
Compact flame switches with built in spark generator(Ignition Transformer). Used with ionisation rods/unirod.
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