Molykote® Pastes

Molykote® Pastes contain a high concentration of solid lubricants for protecting industrial components from galling, fretting corrosion, stick slip, seizure or damage. They provide corrosion protection, water washout resistance and a consistent co-efficient of friction. These solid lubricants remain in place and maintain a lubricating layer – even at high temperature and under heavy loads – to help with longterm lubrication.

Types of Pastes

Molykote® Pastes are composed of base oil, solid lubricants and additives. The base oil acts as a carrier while the major lubrication is imparted by solid lubricants like copper, graphite, molybdenum disulphide, PTFE and white solids.

Paste Name Type Temperature Range (°C)
Molykote® 1000 Metallic -30 to +630
Molykote® G-n Plus Black -25 to +450
Molykote® G-Rapid Black -35 to +450
Molykote® HSC plus Metallic -30 to +1100
Molykote® CU-7439 Metallic -30 to +650
Molykote® D/Dx White -25 to +250
Molykote® G Black -20 to +120
Molykote® M-77 Black -45 to +400
Molykote® P-37 Black -30 to +1400
Molykote® P-40 Metal free -40 to +1200
Molykote® P-74 Metal free -40 to +1500
Molykote® TP-42 White -25 to +250
Molykote® U-n Black -40 to +450
Molykote® X Black -30 to +135

Application of Pastes

Molykote® Pastes perform exceptionally well in the boundary lubrication regime – low speed and high load – as well as high temperature. Some of the potential applications are:

  • Thread lubrication (bolted joints)
  • Assembly lubrication of closely fitted components
  • Lifetime lubrication
  • Corrosion protection
  • Chain lubrication
  • Brakes mechanisms
  • Shafts, gears, bushings and splines
  • Electrical contact lubricant
  • Marine applications
  • Chuck lubrication