Cleaners – Precision

CRC QD Contact Cleaner

Quick drying solvent cleaner for light contaminants on electric or electronic parts. Also compatible with sensitive plastics. Quick drying solvent blend for the cleaning of electronic equipment. It provides a suitable precision cleaning action for sensitive electronic and electrical components without risk of costly damage. CRC QD-Contact Cleaner is a stable, inert, high purity solvent cleaner, formulated for applications where lower flash point solvents may be used and where sensitive plastics are involved.


CRC Alu Hi Temp

Protective coating with aluminium look. Resists high temperatures. Paint that resists high peak temperatures up to 600°C. Provides a hard and durable surface, which does not burn, crack or scale down, even at high temperatures. Withstands large fluctuations in temperature. Excellent weather resistance.


CRC Blue Mould Protect

Highly visible transparent blue colored corrosion inhibitor for protection of the mould tools and equipment during a short period of inactivity. No need for cleaning as the product moulds off during the first production cycles.