Cleaners – Heavy Duty

CRC Lectra Clean

Solvent cleaner with high flashpoint for heavy contaminants on mechanical parts. Heavy-duty cleaner with a high flashpoint of over 60°C for improved application safety. The extended drying time allows the product to act during a longer period and to dissolve heavy contaminations. Suitable for use in dip baths and ultrasonic dip tanks.


CRC Industrial Degreaser

Solvent cleaner for heavy contaminants on mechanical parts. Powerful, fast evaporating cleaner with a flash point of 25°C. Removes greases, oil, lubricants, non-cured adhesives and dirt from equipment, machines and metal parts.When applying to large surfaces or in dip baths, ensure explosion prevention. Test on plastics before use.


CRC Inox Weld Kleen

Restores the original characteristics of Stainless Steel after welding. CRC Inox Weld Kleen is a pickling paste that restores the original characteristics of stainless steel after welding or heat treatment. Degreasing, cleaning, pickling and passivating of austenitic and duplex stainless steel 303, 304, 316,… , nickel and aluminum. Fastworking, very efficient, economical and practical to use.


CRC Gasket Remover Pro

Blend of powerful solvents, formulated for a fast removal of gasket cement, adhesives and sealants.


CRC Brakleen PRO

Powerful and fast-drying brake parts cleaner.